Double Duty Dude

  Jeremiah, a state employee for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, took his civil service to a higher level by securing Low & Slow crew members accesses to the Ohio River Bridge Project's construction site after we were denied by a subcontractor on the project. His actions led to a cover story in ENR featuring the [...]

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Save Our Superstructure: willful neglect has condemned a vital link to our past - a path to our future. Everyday the barely standing Old Northern Avenue Bridge begs Bostonians to value its history. Today that challenge is unmet. Concerns of a catastrophic failure forced the Department of Public Works to close the bridge last year. [...]

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The Road – Gone

Deputy Fire Chief, Paul Davidovich:  a US Marine helicopter pilot, retires to the Rocky Mountain town of Lyons, Colorado and builds a log cabin for he and his wife Maureen. All is well until ten years later when a biblical flash flood rips through their remote village in the dark of a September evening in 2013. [...]

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The Interstate System

The Interstate System is a proper noun branding a 47,000 mile system of 62 superhighways interconnected by 55,000 bridges and 104 tunnels. Crisscrossing into every corner of America the network is marked by numbered red, white and blue shields labeling a mega internet of the most trafficked desire lines - trade routes - that feed people into places ultimately creating moments. [...]

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The Hudson Whisperer

Per is the Hudson Whisperer. I was trucking though the mountains of Western Pennsylvania towards Massachusetts in a hastily rented U-haul rig. It was a crisp October morning in 2003. Yellow, orange and red leaves splashed the deep blue morning sky. I was high spirited regardless of unexpectedly having to tow my just purchased but [...]

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Blowout: Road Tripping Through America’s Infrastructure

The National Public Radio interview I was doing was interrupted by an explosion - then a violent shaking of the old car. I wrestled the cracked 1950s steering wheel. The 60-year old lead sled was shaking madly, weaving between the superhighway's painted lines. The old girl was wanting to dump all 3,500 pounds of herself [...]

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Desert Oasis

January 10, 2014: Maricopa, Arizona:  Al & Kimberly Saffrahn opened their gate, shop doors and home's front door to Per and me. At their kitchen table Al shows off a personal treasure - a 1949 Hudson Commodore 8 steel cast model - Mrs. Martin in miniature. We drank a few cold beers kibitzing about snake [...]

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Pacfic Coast Highway

January 6, 2014: Big Sur - Pacfic Coast Highway: Mrs. Martin is facing South as we roll onto Los Angeles where the Hudson Whisper is due to fly in from Boston to meet us.

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Google’s Infrastructure Vision

Information is powerful. How we use it defines us. 15:00: Charlie Rose: "What is it about you and transportation systems?" Larry Page: “I guess I was frustrated with this when I was at college in Michigan. I had to get on the bus and take it and wait for it when and it was [...]

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Go Low & Slow

"Go low and slow," said Mark Lewis as casually as is Californian. The night before I had parked the Hudson outside my cabin's door while staying the night at Deejen's Big Sur Inn on the Pacific Coast Highway. As I approached Mark he was smiling and gazing at Mrs. Martin. We struck an early morning conversation over her. The "dude" from England stays connected to California by driving [...]

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