Sugar House Street Cars in Salt Lake City

 Salt Lake City, Utah: 12:4:13: Dire States rolled into Salt Lake City tonight from Denver just after both cities were hit with an arctic blast. I am speaking at an event early in the AM with a hundred contractors that my partner Case Construction Equipment put together. Just in time to see this new street [...]

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Derailed Infrastrucure

MSNBC's Morning Joe had a love-hate fest with infrastructure. They were tying the derailment of the Metro North train that killed at least 4, to faulty infrastructure. Their guest,  former US Secretary of Transportation for President Obama, spoke frankly about the United States falling behind in building infrastructure that matters, politicians not leading. It's as [...]

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Encouraging Thanksgiving Note

11:27:13 (Thanksgiving Eve): Cousin Teddy emailed me today. He's like a brother. He's been following the Dire States tour. Sebastian, his son, loves Hudsons - especially Doc Hudson. Teddy wrote: Hey Danny! By the looks of my inbox, your efforts are paying off!  Hope this is actually a good bill..... Happy Thanksgiving to you and the clan, [...]

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Building Integrity Reduces Political Instability

11:26:13 "Think about the cost of doing nothing," said Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation, Barry Schoch as he held up a gallon of gasoline to the cameras at a media event under the rusting Liberty Bridge in Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "So for the cost of this, 5 years from now, you can see this bridge [...]

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Oversized North Dakota

Oversized trucks are rolling down roads on North Dakota's country roads.   Engine running next to an oil rig in North Dakota North Dakota: 11-14-13: Wild, western and windswept. Flat land, fracking and freight trucks. The population of North Dakota is rising. Life is good if you believe the happiness index [...]

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Gussying Up for Dire States Denver Event

  Mrs. Martin's Spa Appointment: Fort Collins, CO: 11-22-14: Bill & Jane Lentz are Mrs. Martin's host for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Bill is drying her out in his Hudson filled barn (a museum of over a dozen gorgeous Hudsons) after I gave her the first bath she's had in over half a century. The washing, just [...]

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Thanksgiving in a Barn

Bill Lentz, PhD, is our host in Colorado. He was raised the son of a farmer. When it came to infrastructure on the farm "fixing it" themselves was the only choice. Now he takes that talent and applies it to his love of a barn full of Hudsons - including Mrs. Martin.   [...]

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Big Cost – Small Bridge

Dekalb, IL: 11:06:13: A 3700 percent return on investment for replacing this bridge makes Google stock look like a low yield investment. Yet, that's what experts and academics calculated the return on investment would be on each dollar invested in pulling this broken bridge out of the creek that it's been sitting in since it collapsed about 5 years ago. [...]

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Farmer’s Bridge Out

ISA director Paul Rasmussen and I visit the Keslinger Road Bridge in Afton Township, DeKalb County. The bridge collapsed in August 2008 after a pick-up truck drove across it. Paul told me how the driver felt it shake as he passed over it. He stopped once he cleared the structure, then turned around and saw [...]

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Madison “Madtown” Wisconsin

Madison Wisconsin: 11:04:13: The newly constructed, super-large, Engineering Hall at the University of Wisconsin was a standing-room-only crowd for the Dire States talk. This thanks largely to the intense crowd sourcing  efforts of Professor David A. Noyce, Ph.D., P.E. The academic is renown moving traffic with intelligent systems. I didn't know that besides trucks, buses and autos his traffic [...]

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