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Dan McNichol A number-one bestselling author and award-winning journalist, McNichol’s published books, articles and thought-leadership papers are deeply researched works of mega project construction in the United States. His keynotes are inspirations for a nation.

“Three subway stops have never been more important to a nation,” opens Dan McNichol’s new book, Second Avenue Subway: Building The Most Famous Thing Never Built In New York City.



April 22, 2021 7:00PM – 8:15PM

Making the Grade: The Future of America's Infrastructure


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The Orange Line Shut Down: We speak with Dan McNichol, best selling author of The Big Dig, Kim Janey, former Mayor of the City of Boston, and Charlie Chieppo, senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute. (Excerpted from WBUR: Radio Boston) This is the Radio Boston rundown for Aug. 5. Tiziana Dearing is our host: With the Orange Line shutting down [...]

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If you’ve ever spent an eternity on a stalled Orange Line train — only to hear the crackly conductor’s voice tell you that it’s going out of service and you’ll have to trudge upstairs with all the other grumpy commuters to be shoehorned into a COVID-y shuttle bus while you text the boss about another late arrival — your ambitions [...]

North Avenue Bridge

The Northern Avenue Bridge in the Seaport District of Boston is an enormous steel structure, now brown and rusting from neglect. It is city-owned, but has been closed to vehicles for two decades and blocked off to pedestrians since 2014. In October, the Coast Guard warned that the bridge could collapse into Fort Point Channel if it's left in its [...]